The Story So Far

This initiative has emerged from a two-year process of learning, collecting feedback, and engagement that has helped establish shared transformative ambitions with close Indigenous friends, funders, and both Indigenous and non-Indigenous community organizations.

Through this work, we have established a diverse network of partners and collaborators keen to contribute. Many in that network are well positioned to scale technology implementation strategies in communities. Some offer connections to Indigenous youth, mentors, and community leaders, while others are positioned to help design and scale the initiative.

For example, the Energy Circle is pursuing a pilot program with the Fellows of the Alberta Energy Futures Lab to support an Indigenous leadership network to share best practices across communities. The goal is to provide a platform for a strong cohort of Indigenous leaders with the relationships and connections to assist communities to accelerate successes, overcome challenges, and attract investment for their energy transition initiatives. 

Building New Partnerships

The Energy Circle is building strategic partnerships to establish a leading Indigenous voice and the network required to lead a national innovation effort. In particular, we are seeking funding partners to help build the tools needed to grow this effort.

Partners engaged in that spirit currently include National Aboriginal Energy & Power Association (NAEPA), Engineers Without Borders Canada, W Dusk Energy Group, the Solar and Sustainable Energy Society of Canada (SESCI), the Alberta Energy Futures Lab (EFL), Bullfrog Power, and others who are helping to bring leading Indigenous voices into the initiative.

This network of partners continues to grow. Click here to become part of the story.