The Energy Circle warmly invites the participation and contributions of anyone committed to seeing Canada's Indigenous People's emerge as leaders and innovators in community energy.  In particular, we are keen to hear from:

Indigenous Energy Innovators

We invite those committed to leading innovative energy projects with Indigenous  communities to get in touch. These may include, for example, small business owners, educators, prospective energy entrepreneurs, or anyone else who wants support to bring your vision for strengthening community through energy-related projects.

Mentors and Supporters

We invite industry, government, or community partners interested in helping implement the initiatives as part of the Energy Circle. These may include, for example, renewable energy and energy efficiency technology companies, existing social enterprises, utilities, and experienced people willing to help provide technical guidance, coaching, and personal support to Indigenous energy innovators.

Funding Partners

The Energy Circle needs funding partners in order to build the structures needed to convene and grow this innovation network.  Corporate, government, and non-profit funders are invited to get in touch to discuss the financial needs of the initiative and opportunities to get involved.


Please contact Erin Welk at to learn more.